Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Assignment 0: Project Proposal


Welcome to OOSE!

One of the points of this course is that we aren’t using only pedagogical tools, but tools actually used by software engineers. To bring this point home, we run the course similar to how a software project is run, using the tools that software engineers use to coordinate their work. You’ll use GitHub throughout the course to submit assignments, ask questions, collaborate with the other members of your group in the group projects, and so forth. If you don’t have a GitHub account, create one now. Then register for the course using the form below:

Student Registration

For example, jhu-oose-example-student.
Don’t include an @ sign at the beginning—this isn’t a mention.
GitHub identifiers do not start with 2019-student-.

For example, 7B4EF0.
This is the 6-character “Hopkins ID” in SIS, not your email.

⚠️  Don’t submit this form multiple times.

If you run into problems, send an email to student-registration@jhu-oose.com. Include all the information from the form above.

After you register, you are invited via email to the GitHub organization for the course, jhu-oose, joining the team jhu-oose/2019-students, which grants you access to the Students Area 🔒, where you may find a public forum (visible only to other students in the course), announcements, videos of the lectures, and so forth.

After you register, you are also invited via email to a repository at https://github.com/jhu-oose/2019-student-<identifier>. This is your individual repository in which you’ll submit the assignments, receive grades, ask questions visible only to the staff, and so forth.


10 points

Submit your profile as a Markdown document at README.md in the master branch of your personal repository at https://github.com/jhu-oose/2019-student-<identifier>.

Fill in the template below (parts marked with <!-- --> are placeholders that you must fill in):

# <!-- Name -->

![Profile Picture](<!-- Show your face, because the purpose of the profile picture is to be able to recognize you, see for example the pictures at https://www.jhu-oose.com/staff -->)

**Personal Pronoun (Optional):** <!-- See https://www.mypronouns.org to understand more about this question. Answer (if you wish) in the form of a link, for example, [She/her](https://www.mypronouns.org/she-her) -->

# Background

<!-- Are you fresh out of a data structures course? Do you have years of experience in industry? What technologies do you usually work with? What are your interests? And anything else you want to share. -->

# Expectations

<!-- Why did you sign up for the course? What do you expect to learn? And anything else you want to share. -->